Your fav staple.

I was continuously searching for the perfect faux leather jacket and stumbled across this gorgeous one at Zara last year. The jacket was inexpensive AND chic; two very important things to look for when shopping. Now I have to say, investing in staple pieces is definitely something I believe in, but if you find something that looks like it is more expensive than it actually is, and will last you a while, why not save the money? I’ve had this jacket in my closet for a year now and always get asked where I got it from. It cost me around $70.00 Canadian and still looks this good.

My go-to outfits include this jacket because it always brings a little “me” to anything I wear. I recently started a new job that is known for girly, flirty pieces, and all I have to do to turn it into my style is throw this jacket over a pink dress. Okay maybe not a pink dress… an image of the Pink Lady’s from Grease popped into my head. But you get it. Pop this jacket over anything and you can easily go from Sandy to Rizzo. It is 100% one of my top five items in my closet! I think everyone should have one of these. Hopefully the Sandy to Rizzo reference convinced you.

Faux Leather Jacket: Zara



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